Every good product has its own unique story.  And since pro audio is all about sound, your story should be told with clarity, warmth, and the right energy to hold the listener's attention.  

A voice-over professional who specializes in pro audio will convey the technical knowlege of a developer, the product understanding of a sales associate, and the trustworthy relatability of a fellow consumer.  


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Easy Process

Getting the voice-over you need will be       hassle free.  It's not complicated!

Fast Delivery

Quick turnaround, usually within 24-   hours....sometimes in just a few hours!


Pristine Audio

Broadcast quality voice-overs done to            your custom specifications. 

Commercial Demo
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Commercial Demo

Corporate Narration Demo
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Corporate Narration Demo

George Orlando

Pro Audio Voice-overs

George Orlando has been helping companies enhance their brand since 2004.  With over 15 years of experience as a professional narrator, his expertise and personability convey only the highest quality in your product or service.

You've invested so much into your brand, your logo, your online presence.  Don't throw all that hard work away by using a non-professional to voice your promotional media, product demonstrations, explainer videos, and sizzle reels.  


George Orlando gets the job done right.  Script narrations delivered in MP3 or WAV format, 44.1 or 48k sample rate, usually within 24-hours. Sometimes same-day turnaround!

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